Les Genes Information
Les Genes is a reputable healthcare distribution company operating in Botswana.
Les Genes, reputable healthcare distribution, highest quality of medical equipment, Palapye, Botswana
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About Our Company

Les Genes is a reputable healthcare distribution company operating in Botswana. Started Botswana operations in 2010. The company’s focus market was initially medical furniture and later expanded to various medical equipment and consumables.


The Key inspiration to the founding of the company was the over presence of lowstandard medical supplies, especially in government facilities. The desire to have quality healthcare even in government facilities led to the foundation of this company. To date, the company follows a strict policy on quality. Profit making is secondary, our primary objective is being a brand that can be trusted for quality.

Les Genes is a fresh and forward-thinking company, looking to expand quickly and efficiently. We seek to distribute reliable medical equipment to our wide base of customers, ranging from home-based care to large hospitals. In a bid to do so, we make it a point to personally test all our products and only allow for distribution if they meet our high standards of quality and functionality. Our management team understands the immense responsibility held by a medical equipment company such as ours, and also ensures that every employee recognizes the importance and value of their respective roles in the company. This sense of purpose drives us to exceed expectations so as to reach our ultimate aim of improving the lives of both patients and healthcare providers.

Our company’s goal to expand is definitely achievable, since we have the financial capacity and the necessary
resources to do so. What we do need is a trustworthy partner on the manufacturing front, who shares the same vision as us in terms of making a difference in the lives of those in the healthcare sector, and as such is able to produce quality medical equipment that our company can be proud to distribute.